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Proven Training Methods for Clear Communication & Reliability

Learn how to effectively communicate with your dog and produce consistently reliable action in any situation…even if your dog is challenging.

What Clients Say

“We receive compliments everywhere we go and my husband and I look at each other and say thank you Vanessa, and
thank you K9 Role Models!“
“We were referred to Vanessa from a friend and we couldn’t be happier!  K9 Role Models is a professional business that is dependable, caring and knowledgeable. Their approach was to get to know us as well as Daisy. We learned so much!!!  You have to follow through with at home training and the reward is walking your dog on the rail trail or through a store, off leash and in control!  We receive compliments everywhere we go and my husband and I look at each other and say thank you Vanessa and thank you K9 Role Models!”

– Lisa Rogers


For puppies, 2 to 3.5 months old, this by week private class program is designed to give you all the knowledge you need to be successful with your new puppy. Your puppy will complete his introductory lessons familiar with all the necessary basics they need to grow up to be a K9 Role Model including leash walking, crate training, housebreaking, and addresses basic behaviors like biting, barking, chewing, and jumping. 

  • ​Program includes in-home training.

Puppy Training for a 
Well-Mannered New Addition
Image by Shane Guymon



If you’re tired of feeling like your dog walks you around the neighborhood, this program is the perfect solution. Designed to help you better communicate with your dog and teach leash manners with basic on-leash obedience, your dog will be the envy of the neighborhood when they can easily walk beside you on a loose leash – no more pulling! 

This program also includes teaching your dog important commands for good manners including “sit”, “lie down”, “place”, and “wait”, while also addressing undesirable behaviors such as jumping, barking, and reactivity.

  • ​Program includes in-home
    and public training.

Confidently Bring Your Dog in Public with On-Leash Training​

Going for a Walk


Imagine all the places you’ll be able to bring your dog when they transform into a canine model citizen! With three levels ranging from basic obedience to advanced training, our off-leash training programs are designed to give you complete confidence that you can control your fur family member in any situation outside the home –
no leash necessary!

This program also includes teaching your dog important commands for good manners including “sit”, “lie down”, “place”, and “wait”, while also addressing undesirable behaviors such as jumping, barking, and reactivity.


  • Level 1: Off-leash Obedience - Includes all on-leash training methods plus basic commands with total off-leash control within the home. This program also addresses issues like barking, jumping, digging, and more.

  • Level 2: Extended Off-leash Training - This training gives you even more control with added advanced commands perfect for owners who wish to take their companions into stores and other public places off-leash.

  • Level 3: Advanced Off-leash Training - This advanced obedience program allows highly motivated dogs and dog owners to take their off-leash conditioning to the next level with speed and precision.

    • The program includes in-home, private training
      as well as public training.


    • Pricing starts at level 1.

Off-Leash Training for the Ultimate K9 Role Model​


Image by Christoph Schmid
Puppy Class


Our board and train programs are designed to get the most out of your dog in the shortest period of time so you can start enjoying life with your canine model citizen as quickly as possible.


  • One Week Obedience Program:
    This 1-week program is designed to address walking on a slack leash, waiting at doorways, jumping, and leash reactivity as well as the functionality of on-leash basic obedience including advanced stays and distractions. (1 week)

    • Includes 1 handling class

Board & Train Programs 
for Extra Attention​

  • Two Week Obedience Program:
    Designed to bring in all the methods of the in-home off-leash obedience program condensed into just a couple weeks, your fur family member will return home totally transformed into the ultimate
    K9 Role Model. 
    (2 weeks)

    • ​Includes 1 handling class 



We want you to be able to enjoy your dog, but we also know some dogs need a little more TLC. Every dog is unique. That’s why we also offer Behavior Modification training, as well as Human & Animal Aggression training.

  • Behavioral Modification - If your dog struggles with separation anxiety, jumping, pulling, nipping, chewing, barking, housebreaking issues, etc. we’d love to hear from you to discuss your canine companion’s behavioral tendencies and how we can help!

  • Human & Animal Aggression - You and your beloved companion don’t need to struggle with aggression problems that put you both at risk. We offer dog training that allows your dog to feel safe in any environment. Give us a call to find out how we can help!

All Dogs Are
K9 Role 
Model Material​

reading dog.png



Having a well-behaved pup is important for every dog owner. But sometimes, we need (or want) our canine companion to do a little more. To meet the needs of every dog family, we offer Service Training and Trick Training programs to help take your dog’s abilities to the next level.

  • Service Training - Teach your dog to perform tasks that assist you in any situation. Whether you're seeking to ease the difficulties of a physical, mental, or emotional disability, our service training program is designed to train your dog to help empower you to face all obstacles with confidence. 

  • Trick Training - Want to add an extra layer of fun to living with your dog? We will design a trick training program that best suits you. Teach your dog any trick within its natural ability, from “sit pretty” to turning on and off light switches, and everything in between!

    • ​Pricing and Duration Varies Depending on
      Consultation Assessment.

Take Your Dog’s Abilities to the Next Level

Obedience Training
Image by Reed  Shepherd
Board & Train Programs
Behavior / Aggression
Primary Square-M-_2x.png

Training Principles Grounded In Communication & Consistency


With our training and effective communication your dog will be able to respond to commands said once in a normal speaking tone.

We never raise our voices to try to control a situation or a dog because long term, raising your voice to command or punish your dog will ultimately lead to lack of control.

Genuine praise and rewards will motivate your dog to want to learn and create a healthy relationship through our mutual working-for-reward and correction-based system.


We treat every dog as an individual and as such, we know not every dog values the same paid reward. Accountability can only be put in place once the dog fully understands his/her expectations.

That’s why our training methods first create the behavior/exercise being taught, then we name it, and lastly teach you how to maintain it with the highest level of motivation possible.

Learning precise timing and consistency play the biggest role in how receptive your dog is to the new set of expectations and boundaries and our goal is to help you achieve that success.

Ready to transform your dog into a K9 Role Model?

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