What started
K9 Role Models?

Founder & Owner Vannessa Denese
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Beliefs & Values 

I have been working as a personal protection and obedience trainer, specializing in behavioral modification and puppy imprinting. Since 2015 I have gained experience from some of the top trainers in New England, and have worked with clientele throughout the United States, in Hawaii, and Mexico City. I have experience in multiple kennel environments and I believe dogs benefit the most from in-house training or owner guided training classes, with a kennel-free board and train option.

Experience & Focus

I’ve had the opportunity to perfect my training techniques before deciding to branch off and focus on what I care about most, ensuring that pet owners get the most enjoyment out of their pet; making handling easy and giving every pet the opportunity to live a fulfilling life. My focus is on teaching every owner how to properly handle their dog's behavioral tendencies, and unexpected reactions to certain situations.

Passion & Freedom

Everyone has different lifestyles and expectations; that's why I’ve created pinpoint training so every owner can invest in the training that suits their dog's specific needs with functional results in every environment, not just a training room. My training and functional off-leash obedience gives your dog the freedom they deserve. As a team, we will help you understand your dog's behavior and mold them into the best k9 role model they can be.

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A little 
about us.


K9 Role Models was established off of our core values of trust, respect, clear communication and most importantly compassion. We are a small business, valuing our relationships with our clients, and becoming a long term support system. Our team of professional dog trainers of New Hampshire and Massachusetts are dedicated to help clients achieve their goals.


We change the lives of our clients and their pets with our functional training results and reliability in any situation. This will make your dog easy to manage in everyday life while maintaining a happy, healthy relationship between you and your dog. We believe training your dog should be a fun, rewarding learning experience and we have tips and tricks on how to make training feel less like a time-consuming chore.


Our Mission
& Beliefs.

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Trust, Respect,

& Clear Communication

Not just for your canine companion but for you as a client as well. Transforming your companion into a canine model citizen; impeccable manners and off-leash obedience tailor-made to suit your lifestyle.

Customize Your Training


Everyone’s lifestyle is different; therefore training programs aren’t “one size fits all”. This is why we thrive off of your individual goals and expectations to create a training program that best suits you.

Public Behavior

An untrained, ill-mannered dog can be embarrassing and our goal is to allow every dog to become a role model with outstanding manners and obedience while maintaining a happy healthy relationship with his/her owner and the public. It’s our responsibility to teach them the proper etiquette while being around other dogs, people, and children.

Individually Focused 

Pinpoint training allows you to focus and invest in the training that best benefits you and your canine companion. Despite size, breed, or age, every dog has the potential to be a k9 role model; some just need more guidance than others

Understanding & Awareness  

Dogs work best with structure and clear expectations, leaving no “grey areas”; if we do not set clear behavioral expectations for our dogs they will be left to their own natural instinctive tendencies. External variables can’t always be controlled, but we can control how our pet responds to certain situations and their surroundings.

Inclusive Process

We encourage including clients in all in-home private training sessions. This allows owners to learn our principles with a hands-on approach in your dog's training, helping you apply them in the future. This is also the reason why we offer complimentary and mandatory private classes upon pick-up of all board and train enrollments.


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