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TLC For Your Rescue Dog

Updated: Feb 18

Rescuing a dog from a bad situation or shelter is a selfless thing to do. Often times our hearts are in the right place; sometimes the dog that’s rescued needs more physical and mental TLC than originally anticipated. K9 Role Models has dedicated countless hours helping owners and rescue dogs in need. Each year K9 Role Models trains dozens of rescue dogs and rehabilitates them to be suitable family members.

Acclimating your rescue dog

When acclimating a rescue dog you must first let the dog settle into his/her surroundings with no pressure of forced relationships or expectations. The new rescue must first decompress, this timeframe can take anywhere from 3 to 14 days (in some cases longer). Take the time to set up routine and desensitize them to their surroundings.

No matter where your rescue dog came from, whether it was a stray, from a neglectful situation, or from a shelter, we never really know the full background story. It’s important to observe your new companion in different situations. These situations include meeting new people, around other dogs, walking on the leash, behavior in the crate or when left alone, when feeding food or treats, and playing with toys. The most common mistake is that owners downplay problems or believe they can fix them themselves without the expertise of a professional dog trainer. A professional dog trainer from K9 Role Models not only corrects behavioral issues but also evaluates why it’s happening. Diminishing the potential for unwanted behaviors to escalate in the future.

Common behaviors of rescue dogs

Common issues that can be seen are food aggression, resource guarding, human aggression or dog aggression. Sometimes a small issue can create multiple other issues if left unaddressed. It is important to contact us at K9 Role Models to discuss dog training at the smallest signs of problematic behaviors.

K9 Role Models help owners with obedience dog training but also dog behavioral modification, human aggression rehabilitation and dog aggression rehabilitation. Obedience training is the foundation for every dog regardless if your dog or puppy was from a rescue situation, shelter or breeder. Set healthy boundaries in your relationship with the dog as well his/her relation with other family members, children and other pets. K9 Role Models offers basic and advanced obedience programs to give you more control over your dog on and off leash. K9 Role Models off leash dog training program is a great way to address a rescue that might be a flight risk or dogs with tendencies to bolt or run away when not on leash.

Professional dog training for your rescue dog

Not all dogs are the same specially when it comes to rescue dogs where they might have a history that is unknown. Past experiences can contribute to the current behaviors you are managing at home. It is important to set up professional dog training that is customized to the individual dog. Compassion, understanding and structure will help your new rescue dog become the best role model they can be. It will also help them live a better life. K9 Role Models training programs don't just train the dog but the owner as well.

Your new rescue dog and its behavioral tendencies can be evaluated by our dog behaviorist at K9 Role Models. A behavioral evaluation is a good starting point for any rescue dog. Evaluations help you as the owner understand the dog's behavior and gives you the knowledge to help your new companion for long-term success.


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