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Preparing To Bring Home Your New Puppy

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

Welcoming a puppy into your home is a very exciting time for everyone! Puppies need patience, guidance, and a lot of attention. After making the commitment of adopting or purchasing a new companion you might be wondering if you're prepared for their arrival.

The most important of puppy essentials is food. Ask your breeder, shelter, or veterinarian for a puppy food brand recommendation. If you have to switch the food over to something that you prefer, do it gradually. Changing a puppy or adult dogs diet too drastically can cause stomach upset. With feeding your new puppy of course you'll need a food bowl and water bowl. Make sure you always provide clean water during feeding times and throughout the day.

The fun part is picking out a collar, leash, and toys. When picking a collar remember puppies tend to grow out of their collars quickly. Toys should be puppy friendly; bigger than they can swallow and any balls should be bigger than they can carry to avoid getting them lodged in their throats. Throw away any toys that start to shed material, or toys that they can ingest. Puppies like to chew, so it is also a good idea to go around your house and "puppy proof".

Utilizing a crate will help your puppy adjust to the new lifestyle, help with house breaking, and create a comfortable place to get away when he/she is feeling over whelmed. Make sure to introduce the crate positively and don't use the crate for punishment. The size of the crate is important; the puppy should have enough room to stand up, turn around and lie down. A crate too big can cause potty accidents. Bedding can be used for a comfortable place for your puppy to lay on, but we suggest keeping something that is easily cleaned as accidents can still happen. Make sure to monitor your puppy, as they get older they may start to chew or rip bedding left in their crates. If this happens take the bedding out to prevent further behavior and to avoid your puppy ingesting material that they shouldn't.

Keep cleaning supplies handy; accidents will happen during the house breaking period. Paper towels, rug shampooer, and urine cleaning products will be helpful to have prior to bringing home your puppy. It's a good idea to have supervised play time during this period with frequent opportunities for your puppy to get outside. Puppies work best on a schedule, be predictable and don't rely on your young puppy to let you know when they need to go out.

Highly recommended for anyone adopting or purchasing a new puppy or adult dog is pet insurance. Pet insurance is a smart investment for any dog owner, especially the first year of their life. Puppies will have multiple vet visits, including physical examinations and vaccinations throughout the first year. Pet insurance doesn't only help you with the basic vet care needs but also prepares you for any unfortunate accidents or illnesses that may be followed by some pricey vet bills.

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