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Benefits Of Off-Leash Training

Off-leash training takes obedience training to the next level with complete control without a leash. There are many benefits to training your dog how to respond to commands off-leash, not just on-leash. This type of training requires your dog to respond to any command given without a leash including while inside your home, outside, and around distractions.

Why is off-leash training so important? This is important for working dog handlers for example law enforcement when sending a dog into a building to search or farmers when herding livestock. It is just as important to the average pet owner when needing a reliable recall. Having a dog on-leash all the time can be impractical for certain scenarios. It’s understood why working dogs need off-leash training. Training the average pet to listen off-leash is provided to give owners more control without a leash. It insures that even within a scenario that your dog makes a dash out the front door, or slips out of their collar that you have a reliable recall to get your dog back.

Safety is the number one reason why every dog should have off-leash training. A reliable recall can save a dog from running into the road or out of sight. Dogs go missing throughout the year and some don’t make their way back home. Avoid unfortunate events with a well-trained dog off-leash; even if you don’t feel like you will use it often. There are many commands that can be completed without a leash. Common commands like, “sit”, “lie down”, “heel” and “place” will all have the same effect off-leash.

This type of training is also beneficial for any dog with behavioral problems such as digging, barking, chewing, and jumping. It’s common to be able to correct these behaviors on-leash but isn’t always practical when your dog is out of reach. With proper training all unwanted behaviors can be molded into your dog having the best etiquette while on a walk or within your household.

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