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With our training and clear communication your dog will be able to respond to command said once in a normal speaking tone, never do we raise our voices to try to control a situation or a dog; long term raising your voice to command or punish your dog will ultimately lead to lack of control. Genuine praise and rewards will motivate your dog to want to learn and create a mutual working for reward and correction base system.


We treat every dog as an individual and not every dog values the same paid reward; accountability is only put in place once the dog fully understands his/her expectations and can then be held accountable for their actions. The behavior/exercise no matter what is being taught must first be created, then named, and lastly maintained with the highest level of motivation possible. Precise timing and consistency play the biggest role in how receptive your dog is to the new set of expectations and boundaries.


Our Services.

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On & Off-Leash Training

Tired of your dog walking you? We offer in-home, private classes: public training included.
For reliable off-leash obedience and on-leash manners and control in public. Just imagine all of
the places you could take your beloved canine with the proper training!

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Trick & Service Training

Teach your dog any trick within its natural ability, from "sit pretty" to turning on and off light switches, we can design a training program that best suits you! Teach your dog to perform tasks that assist you in any situation, helping and empowering you to face all obstacles.

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Puppy Training  

In-home, private classes: public training included. For obedience foundation, leash walking, crate training, housebreaking, and basic puppy behavioral tendencies for example biting, barking, chewing, and jumping. These classes are made to give you all the knowledge you need to be successful with your new puppy; raising them to be the best k9 role model.

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Behavioral Modification


Whether its separation anxiety, jumping, pulling, nipping, chewing, barking, housebreaking issues, etc. Every dog is unique, we would love to hear from you; give us a call to further discuss your canine companion’s behavioral tendencies.

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Human & Animal Aggression 

Aggression problems can put both you and your beloved companion at risk. We offer dog training to allow your dog to feel safe in any environment.  Every dog is unique, we would love to hear from you; email us, or give us a call to further discuss your canine companion’s animal or human aggression.


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